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“Don’t cry, honey bee, the world isn’t all sunshine.

Only after the thunder, the storms and the floods do we truly appreciate the sun.” 

(Paul to Leni RESTART)


No. 1

bestseller (IBook Store, Amazon...)

Restart – The Encounter

Part 1


The first true love is overwhelming, intensive and tempestuous. It’s no different for Leni and Paul. Until that fateful day when some unexpected news changes everything and they are forced into a momentous decision. Thus a nightmare destroys their happiness. 


Ten years later, they meet again at their high school reunion. Memories and feelings of the past can no longer be dismissed and relentlessly invade their lives again.


What really happened all those years ago? What became of the girl Paul fell head over heels in love with?


Leni hides behind the façade of a successful chief editor of an international fashion magazine. But her walls begin to crumble. The story starts again… RESTART  

“To love means letting oneself fall to be caught by the other’s arms.”

(Restart – Now as Ever)

coming soon

Restart – Now as Ever 

Part 2


Leni and Paul’s story continues…


The news changes everything, but Leni still decides to live in Paris.

She becomes increasingly aware of her own flaws and starts longing for home.

Soon after her return she meets Paul.

But he has changed. Cold and distant, he rejects her.


Both want to try living without the other –

but they can’t let go.


Once more they’re swept up in a whirlwind of emotion.

Why has Paul changed so much?

What is he hiding?

But he isn’t the only one with a secret…

RESTART – Now as Ever 



Mela Wagner, born 1985 in Vienna

Loves: Kindle books

(especially romantic novels),

photography, walks, music.



About Mela & History Facts

I started writing stories as a young girl and loved being transported to another world. Nothing was more fascinating than empathizing with the book’s protagonists.

But the actual reason that a year ago I was overwhelmed by a flood of feelings, emotions and thoughts I couldn’t possibly control was a dramatic experience in my life. I knew what it meant having to suppress my feelings and making decisions that, although conforming to established standards, weren’t what my heart desired.  


One thing I learned from the experience was the fact that one should listen carefully to sense when it’s time for a change... and suddenly, there it was.

One night I had a dream and woke up to a myriad of thoughts I simply had to write down.

Suddenly everything appeared crystal clear to me. Even though my idea met with some initial resistance and criticism, I knew this was my future path.

And thus Lena’s story began. (Or Leni’s, as I prefer to call her.)

In the process I could vent my feelings and emotions without being criticized for them. I laughed and cried; was on top of the world and in the depths of despair. Night after night I committed my thoughts to paper and woke up the following morning, utterly exhausted, to get on with my daily routine.

Writing was like an addiction that drove me until the final word.



Now I was free; had shed my cocoon and could finally fly…


… and I continue to fly…




  • 2013: Restart was self- published in first place

  • 2013: No. 1 on Amazon bestselling list

  • 2013: No. 1 on novel bestselling list

  • 2014: Restart Part 2, No. 1 novel bestselling list

  • 2014: Restart Part 1 & 2, No.1 & No 2  on i-Book Store

  • 2016: Restart Part 1 & 2 relaunched with the AmazonPublishing, montlake

  • 2016: Restart  Amazon top 10 bestselling list again

  • 2017: "Tanz der Sonne entgegen" was released and reached the Amazon top 10 bestselling list

  • 2017: Restart 1+ 2 on top 20 Amazon bestselling list again

  • 2017: Over 160.000 books sold

  • 2019: Restart to be launched in America

  • 2019: Over 250.000 books sold 



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